Confetti's - Greatest Hits

· 6-page Booklet
· Biography (French + English)
· For the first time available on CD
· 3 Bonus Tracks
· Previously unreleased mix-versions
· Digitally re-mastered

Style: Dance / Pop
Format: CD
:: Confetti's - Greatest Hits
1. C Day (Europe Version)
2. The Sound Of C
3. C In China
4. Circling Stars
5. Put’m Up (Your Hands)
6. C Medley
7. No
8. C Countdown
9. C’ 92
10. The House Of C
11. Keep Smiling
12. Basic Theme
13. C Sample
14. Confetti’s (Megamix)
15. The Sound Of C (a cappella)
Bonus Tracks
16. The Sound Of C (Maxi Club Version)
17. C In China (Maxi Club Version)
18. C Day (Maxi Club Version)
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In 1988, all of Europe was taken over by the sound of New Beat. The group CONFETTI’S became the leader of the hit parade for five years, until they separated in 1993.

CONFETTI’S helped dance music become huge in Europe, particularly with the new sound out of Belgium that lit all the discos on fire. The leader of this phenominal group ? Peter, an eccentric young man measuring over two meters tall. Peter was a music lover who spent most of his time visiting the hippest music clubs. In order to make himself a little spending money and stay close to the places he loves, Peter took a job as a barman in a disco not far from Anvers. That club, a regular rendez-vous for dance music lovers was called Confetti’s ...

Several big European producers, including Serge Ramaekers and Dominique Sas, would come to Confetti’s to dance the night away. An initial contact got Peter the vocal gig on a track that was to become a New Beat classic throughout the world ! "The Sound Of C". While "The Sound Of C" was making its way around the world, CONFETTI’S were already preparing a second single. "C In China" became the triumph of the following year. CONFETTI’S created a new style thanks to their fantastical costumes, a different one for every song. They reached number five in the Top 50 in 1990 with the song "C Day", and finished their five-year adventure with the "Confetti’s Megamix".

Today, Peter continues to make music privately at home, but will forever remain an important figure of his days. He’s an everchanging clown living in his own original world ... Peter CONFETTI’S is a multi-faceted artist, of which only very little is known in general public. You can rediscover all the magic of CONFETTI’S in this new collector’s album. For the first time, you’ll find all of CONFETTI’S hits that have left indelible mark of European music on the world.